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Welcome to thedecoyfactory

thedecoyfactory specializes in Full Body Snow Goose Decoys and Floater Snow Goose Decoys. We also offer Blue Goose Decoys. If you are looking for really good decoys that your grandkids will be hunting over some day, rely on thedecoyfactory. Our products are designed for a lifetime of use and are available at a very good price.

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The decoys can also be purchased “UNPAINTED “at huge savings. All our decoys have unbreakable blow molded hard plastic heads. The heads can rotate 360 degrees and are removable for storage.

The full body snow goose decoys come standard with welded steel H-Frame stakes 14 inches long. These decoys are also available with “ALMOST REAL FEET”. The stake holes in the full body models are reinforced with polyethylene tubing. All the decoys bodies are made of expandable polystyrene.

Why Choose Us

  • Our floater decoys will never sink! Guaranteed!
  • Our floaters have a “peripheral keel“. Literally “A SUCTION CUP ON WATER”. The peripheral keel has more surface area than the usual ‘in line keel’, plus the suction cup effect, creates more drag, reduces lateral motion. This is a VERY GOOD thing on big water and in high wind.
  • Our floater decoys have “STAINLESS STEEL ANCHOR EYES” one front and one rear. The ballast weight is molded into the body of the decoy.
  • The bonus feature of our floater decoys is that they lay completely flat. This feature, allows you to use them in fields, on the shore, on ice and frozen ground.

We also make and sell Canada goose decoys and Mallard duck decoys. Our Canada Decoys and our Mallard Decoys are available “UNPAINTED”. However, orders of 10 dozen or more can be purchased painted.