With Unbreakable Hard Plastic Heads & ” ALMOST REAL FEET “. CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFO


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FULL BODY FIELD MALLARD DECOYS WITH ALMOST REAL FEET AND Unbreakable Hard Plastic Heads. Body Dimensions (without heads) are 16 3/4 inches long X 7 ½ inches wide X 6 ½ inches deep. The bodies are made of solid expandable polystyrene. Like “styro-foam”. Like the Herters decoys. The Heads are blow molded unbreakable hard plastic. Heads rotate 360 degrees, are removable for storage, and are interchangeable with our FLOATER Model Mallard.
These decoys have “ Almost Real “ plastic feet molded on the 14 inch long steel H-frame stakes.
The Stake Holes in the body are reinforced with polyethylene tubing.
Drake/Hen = 50/50
4 Decoys per Box. Box Dimension: L X W X H = 19” X 16” X 16”. Box Weight:9 Pounds.