thedecoyfactory, located in the middle of the central flyway, in Omaha, Nebraska. Owned and operated by me, Don Novak. I make full size Greater Canada Decoys (Full Body & Floater), full size Snow/Blue Goose Decoys (Full Body & Floater), and Mallard Decoys (Full Body & Floater). All the decoys have UNBREAKABLE BLOW MOLDED HARD PLASTIC HEADS. The heads can rotate 360 degrees, are replaceable, are removable for storage, and All the heads are interchangeable. The full body decoys come with welded steel H-Frame stakes and are available with “ALMOST REAL FEET” (these are really something to see). The H-Frame stake holes in the full body models are reinforced with polyethylene tubing. (People are still using full body decoys that I made in the early 70’s, the stake holes are just as good today as they were then). All the decoys are made of expandable polystyrene, eps for short. Like Styro Foam, like the Herters decoys.

It’s a given fact, my floater decoys will “NEVER SINK”, and they DO NOT make the hollow whap, whap, whap noise like the hollow decoys . So I won’t mention that again. What you should know is that these floater decoys don’t have the standard, in the middle, keel. They have “ the peripheral keel “ ? peripheral keel ? what the hell is that? Well it is a downward extension of the outer edge “ PERIPHERY “ of the bottom of the decoy with an indentation in the middle. Duh? “ A SUCTION CUP ON WATER “ The peripheral keel has more surface area than the usual ‘ in line keel ’ , plus the suction cup effect, creates more drag, reduces lateral motion, the ballast weight is molded in the body of the decoy , this makes the decoy more stabile , therefore it rides better in any kind of wind. Also, the peripheral keel allows the decoy to lay completely “ FLAT “ like resting birds. You can use them in the field, on the shore, on the ice.

My floater decoys have “STAINLESS STEEL ANCHOR EYES” one front and one rear. “ THEY DON”T RUST EVER “ Anyone , who has ever used decoys with plated steel anchor eyes, knows what a rusty eye will do to the anchor cord. BY THE WAY, the stainless steel anchor eyes are recessed into the body , so you don’t put divots in the backs when you stack them. I make very good decoys. Like I said , people are still using the decoys I made 35 years ago, And the decoys I’m making today are even better than the ones I made then. So, if you want good decoys that your grand kids will be hunting over some day, think about buying mine. A lifetime of use at a very good price.

Thank You